Rino Deza Pati a.k.a RINO

Riau Rhythm  Chambers Indonesia is a place for the creative leader figure in Riau Rhythm . Set young musician with extraordinary idealism in art tradition is a concrete manifestation that is being developed and introduced by him.
Born in December 17th 1978, Since the age of 5 years to know the music from the couple choreographers and dancers, the art of blood rushing downhill in any footsteps in playing music tradition started with playing guitar instrument. Have the experience to follow the Grand Prix Marching band at Jakarta in 1990 are not as easy for the owners satisfied with the achievement of this automotive hobby.

Suvarnadvipa is a great dream will be a masterpiece that will give bids appreciation of Malay music, especially on the younger generation and the perpetrators of the history of music. Talking about Rino, will not escape from idealism music tradition is maintained with the heart and the tone cosmology and composition arranged in a fusion of folk music instruments and modern instruments. The strength of a rino in making a composition is the process of study and observation as well as the distribution and the involvement of all members of Indonesia’s Riau Rhythm Chambers produces a unity of soul compositions.

Rino Message for Young generation “Continue to work with mutual cooperation and exchange of information, because there will be no restrictions for a work of art”.





Cendra Putra Yanis a.k.a CEN

Born in Singkarak, 36 years ago this was a Cellist Group Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia. Lecturers in the Program Sendratasik Riau Islamic University who is an alumnus of the Art Institute of Indonesia Padang Panjang.

Cello, for a container Cen is a representation of the range of the human voice for string musical instrument which is the final selection after the guitar and violin that did not find a soul ties with flavor and body.

Cello finally selected to be familiarizing cosmology hand, taste and ears. Musical tradition is a source of inspiration without limitation in the dig and explore scales without leaving the magical elements tone in poetry and sound, when people can easily guess the beat of the tango and brought to the country argentina as its origin, then by Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia has a big dream that Riau Melayu  music and more broadly not only Zapin Riau coming from the coast, but we also have music Riau mainland that have a stronger character to complement the cultural treasures of music in Suvarnadvipa.

His involvement in Riau Rhythm started since 2011 to play the pieces in “Satellite of Zapin”. He gained bigger motivation when Ethno-Contempo project clarified the character of Riau Rhythm as music group that explore mainly traditional music. Dance music composition is also another interest of him in Riau. But the conceptual changes in Riau Rhythm is yet another challenge to improve his personal skill that demand different quality from him. That was why the next events of Riau Rhythm like International Performing Arts Mart 2013 in Salihara, Jakarta, Jambi International Ethnic Music Festival 2013, solo concert of Riau Rhythm with the title “Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa”, “Pesta Raya Singapura” in Esplanade, Singapore 2014 had placed Riau Rhythm in better level.

“Cen has a big dream, when people hear the beat of the music of Riau Rhythm Chambers then they will be immediately carried away by the musical identity RIAU, such as tango and their beat worldwide.”

Aristofani Fahmi
Aristofani Fahmi a.k.a ITO

Born in a district in the south of South Sulawesi  Bulukumba city, about 150km south of Makassar who spent Small until his high school in the city of Makassar. Had not continue studies after graduated from SMKI, pending to continue school to Java because the parents do not give the permit.

Programs musicians, playing the music of Java is the catalyst that will deliver the dream to create a masterpiece or composition someday. Karawitan is the expertise required to learned because the demands of the curriculum but the second half was already take him into confusion orientation will gamelan to be familiar in college.

Companions who eventually led his back to change the orientation switch to majoring in ethnomusicology, thinking of senior message before leaving for SOLO like this “If you go to SOLO, met composer Rahayu Supanggah and I Wayan Sadra”.

Finally stride brings and sees I Wayan Sadra to carry the message and expressed his intention to see I Wayan Sadra with Sono Seni  Ensemble play. His desire to see him playing music captured by I Wayan Sadra that Aristofani  intend to join the group Sono Seni Ensemble of game music experimental innovation Sono Seni Ensemble, which teaches Ito’s driven a composition which is not met in college or university.

Traditional music is to learn about the values that are not found in popular music. The meaning of life and divinity founded through this music. The relationship of music and God remains a challenge to search and find the answer, because it is something that is both abstract and amorphous.

Music tradition contains the value, a simple sound represents a tremendous value and we were also given the awareness and realization that we are going back to god, the music that gives guidance to God and through music we can know God.


Viogy Rupiyanto a.k.a OGY

Viogy was born in pekanbaru, October 1980, a punk-heart through high school with his life in Rock-Metal music. He played his guitar given by his father as his way to socialize. But his competitive instinct in college and Art studio leaded him to intensify his violin lesson independently and made him as almost-perfect violist. He was a puckish boy who was ‘sober’ by traditional music.

Viogy is an alumnus of Art major of Islamic University of Riau. He stated that traditional music of Riau Rhythm is not as cool as Rock Metal music. Apparently, the speed fingering techniques he applied through his violin was the reason why RinoDezapati picked him as successor of violist in Riau Rhythm since 2011, and his presence remains permanent in Ethno-Contempo project and International Performing Arts Mart 2013 in Salihara, and the solo concert of Riau Rhythm “JejakSuaraSuvarnadvipa” 2014 in Pekanbaru, and “Pesta Raya Singapura” in Esplanade Singapore 2014.








Anjang Fitrah a.k.a GIRING

Giring was born May, 16 1988 at Bangkinang. His encounter with serious music was signed by “fury” because his disability to follow simple music pattern Rino Dezapati wanted as a composer. Through the time Rino witnessed great potential within Giring. He has the strong and significant Kampar vocal character which he admitted hearing ever since he was a kid.

In 2013, Giring has been busy with his involvement of Ethno-Contempo project, Riau Rhythm that made him to master Malay vocal. Until International Performing Arts Mart 2013 in Salihara, his vocal became the main focus og Riau Rhythm pieces that attracted many art observers. The solo concert of Riau Rhythm “Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa” 2014 in Pekanbaru, and “Pesta Raya Singapura” in Esplanade Singapore 2014 where his vocal colored Riau Rhythm for more.









Violano Rupiyanto a.k.a LANO

Violano has above average string instrument ability and has speed in mastering such sophisticated musical pattern. In the project of Ethno-Contempo, he is considered as the one who made Rino;s ambition comes alive by exploring Malay gambus in a different attitude. For that reason, he has been involved from International Performing Arts Mart 2013 in Salihara, Jakarta, the solo concert of Riau Rhythm “Jejak Suara Suvarnadvipa” 2014 in Pekanbaru, “Pesta Raya Singapura” in Esplanade Singapore 2014.

Soccer enthusiasts is more blessed to play music by their parents after many challenges to play soccer familiar with sprains. A student makes still receive rations from the parents and with the music then made him have to think hard to be able to live more comfortably, the music is also now become a source of revenue enhancer.

Big brother’s musical influences that ultimately affect how to play music as well as their skill. Trash metal enthusiasts and popular music is also last in semester 3 then move into the realms of traditional music. Still, aspires to be an art teacher one day later, music with rhythm chambers Riau Indonesia is still the focus of this single man.
He said that there is now a tradition that says music is easy to play music or plebeian, He gives a message “Please try to play and Do not Blame later become Love. Let us have used the heart in music.”




Sukri Cahyadi a.k.a ABUN

Born in Tanjung Batu, 17 December 1994, His nick name is Abun starting at Senior High School know about  tradition music. Goes to Pekanbaru, Riau for having College at University of Islamic Riau give another perspective and challenge for him about tradition music.

Big Fans of Riau Rhythm and offered to join be a part of Riau Rhythm was a dream come true for him. Internship status in Riau Rhythm at December 2015 is his first stage at “Ruang Dengar” Album Suvarnadvipa playing vibraphone. As The New Member of Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia, Abun focusing on blending the entire repertoire with his style.











Ade Syahputra a.k.a Ade

Born in Tiku, West Sumatra at 16 June 1988 was a Cellist Group Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia. Joining with Riau Rhythm on March 12 2016, involved at West Sumatra Concert Tour 2016.  Lecturers in AKMR ( Akademi Kesenian dan Musik Riau ) who is an alumnus of the Art Institute of Indonesia Padang Panjang.

Ade already has experience performing on National or International Level. Formerly with Lapaloma ( Keroncong Ehtnical Music) and Cello finally selected to be familiarizing cosmology hand, taste and ears. As The New Member of Riau Rhythm Chambers Indonesia, Ade focusing on blending the entire repertoire with his style.